Tips That Can Make Traveling to Madagascar a Great Experience

Perhaps, traveling to Madagascar has been on your wish list for quite some time. If you are looking to travel to this part of the world, it is important that you know what to expect. It is also imperative that you end up getting the best deal. Here are some tips that can make your trip to Madagascar a wonderful experience.

Getting a visa

If you are going to Madagascar, you really don’t have to worry about the visa. However, in 2014, they’ve revised the law which now requires tourists to avail of a visa if you are staying for more than 30 days. The visa though is quite cheap.

Money exchange

If you are going to exchange your money for some local cash, the airport is one of the best places where you can get the local currency. It is usually the opposite in other places on earth. However, Ivato Airport has gained solid reputation when it comes to providing great rates for people visiting the country.

Ride the taxi brousses with precaution

If you are looking to travel the country without spending so much money, then perhaps, the taxi brouses is the best option that you have. However, keep in mind that it may not be the best option if you are considering your safety.

As an alternative, you can take the Renault 4. Though it is close to impossible to rent your own car without a driver, there are some tourists who actually made it possible. However, the best option is to have a 4×4 and a driver who can take you to places that you want to visit. But of course, it is a bit expensive to hire your own driver. The good news is that you can share some seats with other tourists. This can divide the cost of transportation.

Go for local travel agencies

If you are looking to travel to places that need the help of a travel agency, it is highly suggested that you stick to local travel agencies. This can be a good idea since you don’t have to end up paying a large sum of money. In addition to being cheaper compared to the western owned travel agencies, you can also expect great services on the part of local agencies. You can also have a guide who is very fluent whether it is English or French.


National parks can be expensive

The reality is that the national parks can be quite expensive. Not only are you going to pay for the entrance, you are also going to pay for the guide fee. It is going to be a day-long trip.

If you plan on enjoying Madagascar, it is important that you know these things that we just mentioned. You will be able to save some money along the way with these tips. In addition to this, you can also stay away from trouble. If you have any questions when it comes to going to Madagascar, always remember to do your research. Be sure that you also plan your trip way before your actual trip.

South Africa Travel: Getting to South Africa

Craving for some adventure? South Africa can give you one for it is where you can find some of the wonders of wildlife. Just make sure to prepare yourself physically, mentally, and of course financially. South Africa is not that difficult to reach because it is one of the top destinations of the tourist,and about 70 international airlines fly to South Africa including their national carrier, the South-African airways, which provides international flight and is connected to all of the major airports around the globe.

The flight may take a long time. In about 12 to 17 hours travel from Asia, 10 to 12 hours from Europe, and more likely 20 hours or more from the United States. There are several airports scattered around South Africa, but most international flights are landed in OR Tamboa International airport.

There are plenty of options you can find in terms of transportation, from pre-arranged transportation to public transportation. You can hire a cab, one which is approved by ACSA (Airports Company South Africa) which are metered. This is one option if you have not arranged a transport service. You can also take a shuttle if you are traveling in small and large groups. Another is the chauffeur door-to-door airport transfer that is offered by the Car rental companies in the airport.

There is also the Magic Bus, which is said to be one of the best known shuttle providers that offer door-to-door, exclusive transfers, conference transfers, and the like. And if you are having trouble in pre-arranged transfers, there are local ground operators that will arrange you a transport. There also Hotels which are offering a free shuttle ride from the airport (make sure to inquire ahead of time.) 

But, if you want to stay on a budget, there is Gautrain or catch the MyCiti Bus. As for the Gautrain, you can catch it directly from the airport and has stations in Sandton, Rosebank, and Pretoria. It is faster and cheaper compared to taxis, especially that there are walking distance hotels that can be found near the stations.

If you are one adventurous lad, driving around South Africa by car is one good idea. Car rental companies can provide you a ride. Make sure to have a map and have your destination marked, or you can get a tour guide with you.

South Africa Travel: World UNESCO Sites

There are places in South Africa that has been given a privilege to be part of the World UNESCO sites due to their uniqueness and the value that they hold in terms of culture and national history.  This is the very reason why South Africa is often visited by the people around the globe, aside from its parks and safaris. Here are the following UNESCO sites:

Cape Floral Region Protected Areas

It consists of the sites that are protected within the cape region. The site holds the largest area for plants. About 20% of flora in Africa is found in this site and almost all types of plants all over the world are also found.

Fossil Hominid Sites

The sites can be accessed through the Maropeng Visitor Centre in the Cradle of Humankind. It shows there the fossils of early humans that once dwelled the earth millions of years ago, particularly the hominids. Other Fossils are also found in many other sites, including, the Makapan Valley, Taung Skull Fossil Site, Swartkrans, and Sterkfontein,

Maloti-Drakensberg Park

A place which houses the 600 different rock art-sites that are carved by the people who lived there once, it is also a den for the variety of endemic species of plants and animals, particularly bird.

Mapungubwe Cultural Landscape

A national park and is known to have the remains of a kingdom that once existed there dated back in the 14th Century. Where Gold and Ivory is found and is said to have been traded by the people of such kingdom.

Richterveld Cultural and Botanical Landscape

This area is known to have such wide selection of Vegetation. To reach this this area is  through 4×4 due to the heavy conditions of the road.  It is occupied by the Nama People, with which their traditional culture and lifestyle can be noticed.


Robben Island

The Island where former President Nelson Mandela was imprisoned, this island was known to house mentally ill patients and people with severe diseases such as leprosy and the like during the late 60s.

South Africa: Destinations

South Africa is known for all of its wildlife and fantastic wonders. Here are some of the few destinations that you shouldn’t miss:

  1. Kruger National Park

If you wish to see some wildlife, this is the best place where you can find it. South Africa is known for as the Home of the Big Five, namely, Elephant, Rhino, Leopard, Buffalo, and Lion. You will have a big chance of seeing them in this Park. Where it also hosts different other animals aside from the big  five. The best way to roam around is by trekking the trails of the Park.

  1. Johanessburg’s China Town.

If you are looking for a little China Tour, take a visit to the century old China Town in Johanessburg. A town that is full of history and culture. Take your time in walking through some historical bulidings and places.  And for those who are craving for Chinese food, there are plenty of Chinese restaurants and noodle shops that are scattered around to give you a taste of original and exotic Chinese cuisine. There are also supermarkets that provide a wide variety of products, like souvenir and household stuff.

  1. Parys, Free State

Are you looking for an adventure? Welcome to the town of Parys, where you can go Rafting, Fishing, and do other different water sports that is suitable for all ages. Try visiting the famous Vrefort Dome, which is one of the major attractions in town. There are various art galleries and antique shops for those who favour art and fashion, also Pubs and restaurants for food enthusiast.  Make sure not to miss  the Dome Adventure Festival where it features various activities such as sports, stall competition, Dragon boat racing, and more to find out!

  1. West Coast National Park

You will never ever regret visiting this. West Coast National Park is one of the best places to go to. Go surfing, boating, and kite-boarding. Not that adventurous? Then, watch the whales as they passed by the dunes or maybe follow a tortoise. Want to relax? Spend your time looking at 200 different bird species flying around the park and reminisce the view of the gorgeous view of the wild flowers in the park. Surely no words can fully describe this majestic Park. So don’t forget to visit it.